Faster but…??!!!

Today the telecommunication company came to my home and they
start preparing the connections for the ADSL line. I was so happy and exiting
because finally I will have fast 24 hrs internet connection at home. After one
hour of waiting, they told me they are done. I was surprised asking myself “Where
is the modem, it should be somewhere?!!” I asked them, they told me it needs 48
hours before they install it and activate the line… To be honest I was upset
because I was dreaming to back at home and start using my connection… but you
know something there is a positive side, that I will finish my internet prepaid
card before they install it… 🙂

One thought on “Faster but…??!!!”

  1. hhhhhh hhhh ha3
    i love jordan elecomunication company,. q? why they are coming to your house if they havent a modem , ansower , thewy are stupeed
    i lovew you rami

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