Bulk Insert into Alfresco – ACP Generator

The purpose of the utility to import bulk documents into Alfresco with their meta data based on a custom content model and convert them to ACP file then import it into Alfresco. It reads custom content model, documents and CSV file and create ACP file.

The tool was developed using .NET framework 2.0, and it is open source you can use it and redistribute it without any licensing

This tool was developed based on ACPGeneratr utility idea.

You find here the source code and the documentation, if you need any more help please contact me

The tool was tested with Alfresco 2.1 and the latest Alfresco 3.0 Lab edition, and also non-Latin language support

Thanks to Bader and Nawras who did a great job to make it real

19 thoughts on “Bulk Insert into Alfresco – ACP Generator”

  1. Perfect ! Do you know whether we could include an existing path ( folder ) without gining the UUID ?


  2. I,

    I have a problem with acpgenerator.

    I have uzipped the content but i don’t found the definition_files folder with saderModel.xml and the Wared.csv.

    I will import document with the old created time, modified time etc … but i have no experience with programming.

    Can you help me.



  3. Hi

    Thanks for your contributions to Open Source.

    We have been testing your ACP tool with a simple custom model and Alfresco Community 3.0 stable. The ACP file has been created but the upload process has reported some errors. Could you have a look? We would like to use this tool in some projects with Alfresco 3.2 and more complex data models and it would be nice to assure that we can count with your services.

    Furthermore I would like to inform you about the new release of Docs4Lawyers 1.3. It has been developed over Alfresco 3.2 and can be downloaded from http://www.docs4lawyers.com (and sourceforge as well).

    This is our public blog http://docs4lawyers.wordpress.com/

    Kind regards

  4. Hi, thanks for your words… to be honest I didn’t give the ACP importing tools that much attention because I was concentrating to on Capturesco (Open source scanning tool for Alfresco) but now I am planning to revisit the ACP importing tools and make it more productive and adding more features and make it more user friendly

  5. Hi, when i run ACP tool then i got this error:
    ERROR[IM002] [Microsaoft][ODBC Driver Manager] data source name not found and no default driver specified. I have Win 7.

    Can you please help to eliminate these errors?

    Kind Regards

  6. hi,
    first i think you abot this program,

    please can you send me the csv and the xml files (sadermodel.xml)

    thnaks a lot

  7. Rami:

    I am new to Alfresco in general and have a need to do just what your program does. We have a custom content type that needs 0…n attachments uploaded. I am assuming that the xml file is exported from Alfresco and is the original xml of the custom content type? Your directions did not show these contents and just wanted to make sure. Any help you can provide is appreciated.



  8. Hi all,
    Thanks for using the bulk upload and sorry foe being away and not replying to you all.. I guess soon I will revisit this tool and release new version with much friendly UI and easy to understand.
    the xml for the custom content is one that you create it in Alfresco to show it inside Alfresco it’s the same file

  9. Hi Rami,
    I am trying to use your Generator.
    It’s working fine, but only with default content properties. When I try to add custom content, in the output xml file I dont find any. (I have my customcontent:custom in the file, but not the properties metadata. Is there some other config to do? i have red your doc insert_bulk but I am in a dead end. some help? I have to develop something in VB? or workout the xml file output? I dont know.

  10. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for passing by, you have to replace the two samples files in the definition_files folder with your new custom model xml file (the one that you are going to use in Alfresco) and the csv file that have the indexes or the meta data for the document that you wanna import.
    After that the output file which will be with ACP extension can be imported to Alfresco.
    Note: You have to make sure that your custom model xml files already is working with Alfresco
    I hope I make it clear for you

  11. Hi Rami,
    Yep, I’ve allready done that. That’s why I managed to write here to ask you some help. I have my custom content model already deployed on Alfresco Explorer, and it’s working fine. I replaced the xml file in definition_files folder with mine model file. And I put there also the csv file. All done just like you guide states. The problem is that the ACP generates only default metadata, not the custom ones. Is there maybe some problem with my csv? I have to develop something somewhere in your project? or it should be working fine as is? sorry again for bothering you.

  12. Hi again,
    It should be working fine, you don’t have to do anything in the code… if you like you can send me the csv and xml file to take a look on them on the weekend.. or you can run the code and debug it to see if anything went wrong…

  13. Well, I think than that the problem is in my csv file. I managed to create it with notepad++ or OpenOffice; a question: all custom properties and metadata should be in one single cell of excel? or each property has it’s own cell? and another thing, my OpenOffice converts csv like: cm:title, custom:customproperty1 in “cm:title”,”custom:customproperty1″. Is that normal? in your bulk-insert.doc I see that you put all the metadata in column A of Excel. You’re not using “” or similar. How can I send you my csv file from here? just send me you mail. thanks!

  14. Hi when i run ACP tool then i got this error:
    ERROR[IM002] [Microsaoft][ODBC Driver Manager] data source name not found and no default driver specified. I have Windows server 2003.
    Can you please help to eliminate these errors?
    Also I basically need to create the metadata only. Is it possible that the actual content (say a .pdf file) be uploaded later?

  15. For this version you have to upload the files with meta data together, but you have the source code for the software you can modify it to do so.
    For the error it seems that you are missing a driver to connect to Alfresco.
    Is Alfresco installed and running on the same machine or different machine?

  16. Thanks Rami,
    My server 2003 was 64 bit version. I used the ACP generator on Windows Vista 32 bit and it works wonderfully. Thanks.
    I am really looking forward to possibility of uploading of metadata without content as in many practical scenarios, the list of documents is predefined but the documents are submitted later and their submission schedules etc need to be checked.

  17. Great thanks for sharing this info with others.. Your scenario is valid and it’s a real one in many cases.. If you you managed to do so let me know.. I guess it’s visible to do so ..
    Good luck

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