iPhone in Jordan from Orange

Before couple of days my friend asked me to go with him to get an iPhone from orange, we went to smart buy orange office because on the website they mentioned that you can get it from their. After we arrived and the customer care girl explain all the package details she said you can’t get it from here you have to go the 7th circle branch. We went their and after 1 hour my friend took his iPhone and the customer care said sorry the procedures are long. I imagine if on the launch day on AT&T had these long procedures what gonna happened

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  1. ACPgenerator produces acp file and set all properties of individual file with default value (i.g.,
    InfoImag Capture Tool
    InfoImag Capture Tool
    InfoImag Capture Tool

    Is there a way to change those property values dynamically?

  2. You have to change them from the code but currently I’m working on new minor version that can change these values from User Interface

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