Custom Content Model Builder for Alfresco

This utility will help you to build custom content model, it only build the custom content model xml file, and the admin must modify manually the rest two files you can specify if the field is required, default or multi-values list. If you need any help please leave for me a comment, Source Code and Documentation


New updated source code is released please check the tool page

5 thoughts on “Custom Content Model Builder for Alfresco”

  1. This is going to be a helpful tool one day. Thank you. But there is still some work to do to.

    Here are some points, in no particular order…

    It is only possible to create one content type. Custom content models will often need to contain more than one content type.

    The user does not compose the name of the content type. It is just given a name based on the name of the whole model. This won’t work if the model is to contain more than one type.

    I think it should be possible to specify the allowed values AND the default value in the list. At the moment that isn’t possible (or if it is it’s too hard).

    When you don’t type anything in the ‘Property name’ field and you click ‘Add’ the error says ‘Please enter diplay label’. Users could be confused about what that means. Not only is there a spelling error, there is no field called ‘display label’ anyway.

    The same error appears when you reload a property to edit/update it. In this case, even though there is content in the ‘Property name’ field, the ‘Please enter diplay label’ error appears if you hit ‘Add’.

    It would be great to be able to use the tool to create aspects as well. Next version perhaps?

  2. thanks Adrian for your comments and sorry for being late to reply..
    I will take all your comments in considerations, it is just a start it took only two days to be developed it needs lots of tuning as you mentioned am currently working on another version, Hope i can finish it soon..

  3. Hi, thanks for your words, what do you mean by tutorial, do you want to tell you how run the code and use it. I added a small documentation for the end user, but if you need a detailed about the development, we can work it together

  4. Thank you Rami for your tool. I am new to alfresco. Can you tell me what are the other 2 files where i have to change to add my new model. Does this new model automatically come for searching. Please help.

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