Finally official Arabic supports to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Yesterday Google released a preview version of Android 3.0 SDK and its emulator, yes it officially supports Arabic language. No more patches and more custom ROMs  to get Arabic in your Android.

Now we only have to wait the release of it… More information read here and here

28 thoughts on “Finally official Arabic supports to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)”

  1. I tried the emulator and confirmed the new official Arabic support. I am not sure whether it is full Arabic support or only partial support.

  2. thanks for the confirmation i didn’t have time to take screen shot for the emulator.. thanks for doing that… and thx for passing by

  3. will it also include the input methods or do we still wait for android 4 🙁 …

    i’ve been looking since i am very close to ditching my apple and getting a galaxy tab 8.9 but the arabic thing has me very worried >_< …

    thanks 😀 ,
    from KSA

  4. I have the Motorola Xoom tablet and it doesn’t support Arabic , i.e. I can’t type in arabic (there is no arabic keyboard), I cant read Arabic documents (Word and PDF files) and even when I use the online arabic keyboard I can’t use the arabic words in search (Google it). By the way it OS is Android Honeycomb 3.0.

  5. Hi Ahmed,
    There is no arabic keyboard I agree I have Samsung GT 10.1 and doesn’t have Arabic keyboard, but reading it should be check the video on one of the new post on the website

  6. My Eee Pad Transformer was bought in Texas USA and My wife’s from Amazon USA … So Arabic is there in Honeycomb 3.1 for sure with full Arabic menus

  7. Just to clarify, You can read and write joint Arabic in Honeycomb! I am about to buy a new tablet as Galaxy 7″ didn’t support Arabic and the use of Face book was painful so I am selling it and want to get either Galxy 10 or Xoom if the support is there otherwise I would rather get iPad 2. Can someone confirm please.


  8. Thank you, Google! You are only a couple years behind Apple with this move. When I bought the Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 I was shocked that one of the fastest growing languages among college students (in the US) was not supported.

  9. Kaitie, yes I know it’s shame that they are late in supporting that, but also Apple didn’t support Arabic when they released their OS, they took them a while also I guess it was also supported after 3G (seems 3 is the magical number for all of them)

  10. Hi i got update for my tablet 3.1 and i found arabic langauge among the langauges but i still cant use arbaic keyboard i dont know why…(i brought my tablet from England) please what should i do ?

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